About Sean Openshaw Photography

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about Sean

My name is Sean Openshaw and I am a professional photographer, storyteller and cinematographer based out of Flagstaff, Arizona. As a school-trained and newspaper grown photojournalist, I specialize in event photography. I have an extensive studio lighting background and love anything to do with portrait and life photography. But above all, I love capturing stories in both still and video formats.

What I specialize in

Sean Openshaw

By day, I’m a ‘Visual Communication Specialist 3’ for Northern Arizona Healthcare. That means I coordinate or create all the photography and video for the hospital system. The rest of the time I juggle my role as a husband, father, athlete, volunteer and artist while trying to keep everything in balance. Sometimes things fall out of place, but that just makes life interesting and a challenge to reassemble and reconnect.

At heart, I'm a people photographer and rarely turn my camera towards landscapes unless there is a person somewhere in my frame - although now that I have a drone, I'm a pretty big fan of the epic, sky-view establishing shot the drone provides. I love making people look good and, more so, FEEL good about the image-making process. Being on the posing side of the camera can be daunting and a little scary - and I try to remove that feeling from the equation by just making it fun.

I’m a photojournalist by schooling and trade - a graduate of the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State University. I’ve worked 15+ years as a staff photographer for various newspapers as a shooter, photo editor and a combat photographer for the Arizona National Guard – deploying once for nine months to Operation Joint Guard (Bosnia mission).

I love what I do at the hospital and wouldn’t trade anything for where I’m at right now. We are deploying new beautiful websites and working to tell the story of our colleagues, patients and the communities we serve. Stay tuned for some amazing things from Northern Arizona Healthcare.

My specialty is capturing big events, whether they be corporate, fundraising or sporting events. I also do a lot of team photography for schools and clubs such as NPA, Flagstaff High School, Flagstaff Microsoccer, NJB, Flagstaff Northstars and Upward Basketball. And my favorites lately have been senior portraits and family photography.

I know being photographed isn’t always the easiest thing to endure for many people, so that’s why I like to set the scene with lights, mood and background and then just have fun. I love making people look good in photos and leave them feeling great about the process. I often break out tricks and poses and stupid little things that help shed the normal hesitations to bring out personality and attitude.

I don’t nickel and dime my clients with add-ons, minimums or complicated packages and I won't lure you in with an awesome price and then hold your images for ransom. You will get the high resolution, edited images for personal use and all images will be online (password protected) to share with family and friends and to order prints at a very reasonable price.

I absolutely love what I do and the images I’m able to capture for families and businesses.

Please contact me if you’d like me to capture those images for you.