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09 24 2017

Film - to still or not to still

I couldn't pass up the moment to grab a few still photos of Jennifer and her boys Jackson and Garrett. Coming from a still photography background, it's really hard for me to NOT run the moments through still frames. Video...

category: Flagstaff Senior Portraits, Flagstaff Video Production, Life
09 02 2017 6 min to read

Whipstone Farm and the strength of community

While I was in Paulden, Arizona to show the Rade family the video I’d done on Whipstone Farms, we ran out to get some family photos as the sun set on one of their farm lots.Nothing like a photobomb!Corey and Shanti are two of...

category: Flagstaff Video Production
04 16 2016

Community health – A northern Arizona project for all

Health and fitness is a very important topic for me so when presented with a project about Community Health, I wanted to add something interesting and fun to the interviews that were set up. I had some footage from previous NAH...