Class of 2018 – Coconino Panthers Commencement Ceremony – 2018 CHS Graduation

Congratulations to all the Class of 2018 CHS graduates and thank you Principal Zanzucchi for having me capture these moments. Graduations are one of my favorite things to photograph – seeing the wave of emotions that these young adults are going through – the excitement, joy, apprehension and the prospect that anything is possible.

It was also fun seeing some of the graduates that I’ve know since they were in grade school make that walk down the isle and onto the stage. Some of them I hardly recognized with how much they’ve grown. Many I will never forget.

When we photograph big events like this, even though they sometimes feel like production-line photography, my team and I really try to make every portrait the most important photo of the day. We come in hours before the event and set up lights and backdrops and try to align every element so that we set the stage in a way that we have the best probability of capturing the best smile, the best expression and the best moment.

When the graduates come off the stage, we literally only have time to squeeze off two frames before the line starts to back up. But I just want to say that if I had my way, I would love to spend 30 minutes with each graduate.

A special thanks to John Burcham photographing the stage and Katie Glade who was an amazing help with portraits.

Below are some of my favorites. To see all the portraits, diplomas and event photos, please visit the 2018 CHS Graduation photo gallery.


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