YourPie Flagstaff grand opening

This day has been such a long day coming and I am so proud of what the Muscarella’s have been able to pull off with this new adventure. It’s just bittersweet to know that Pete and Tanner were not able to be there for such an amazing Flagstaff welcome.

The employees were beaming. The crowds just kept coming and coming. And the food was spectacular. This is a place where I will definitely be spending some time and money. I’ll just have to convince my trainer that there are no carbs in good pizza – just the bad pizza.

I was able to sneak away on my lunch break to capture of few of the day’s moments and then I came back for dinner with my family so I could really enjoy what I had been photographing. No way was I going to be able to cut in front of the lunch line to get food earlier. But even though the line was almost out of the door at dinner, it was still a pretty quick wait and so worth it.

Congratulations Pete, Lisa, Farren, Tanner and Daniel on your huge win!

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