Aldridge 2017 family photos

With the impending Christmas holiday just around the corner, I set out with the Aldridge family on Friday to gather some necessary family photos for their annual Christmas card.

Will was home from college for the Thanksgiving holiday, Andy took some time away from the hospital and we all met near the Francis Short Pond for a late-afternoon shoot. We usually have have snow in the photos, but since we had record-breaking warm weather and no equipment to make snow, Jacque brought a handful of poinsettias  to give some color to the dry, winter background.

I brought along my daughter, Kayden, to help with lights, but mainly to get a few photos with her long-time friend, Ellie. Kayden and Ellie have been friends since Montessori and since they are in different grades, I don’t get to see them in together as much.

Below are some of my favorites from the family photo session. Click here to see all the photos (password required).

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