The Myers family

I think I’ve only known the Myers for about a year now and can clearly say they’ve changed my life:)

I’ve always lifted weights and belonged to a ‘gym,’ but as a long-distance, Ironman triathlon racer, lifting was always an afterthought and often seemed like more work figuring out what to do in the gym than actually performing the exercises.

But since my wife introduced me to working out with Candace and The Resistance about a year ago, my life hasn’t been the same since. I now love how good lifting makes me feel – especially since Candace has removed the ambiguity of ‘what to do’ in the gym and I can just focus on doing.

Speaking of doing… We finally stopped talking about taking family photos and found a day to where we could spend a few hours away from the gym to capture some fun family photos of the Myers and some action shot of Caleb on his bike. Below are some of my favorites.

Click here to see all the photos (password required)


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