New addition for Megan and Marc

My friend and co-worker Megan and her husband Marc are getting ready for a new addition to their family. And being the creative soul that Megan is, she wanted to announce it in a fun way. So, after countless visits to Pinterest, we headed to a nearby park to see what we could get.

Of course, baby number one, 18-month-old Aiden, didn’t think a photoshoot was the best thing to go along with his runny nose. (I don’t know the last time I’ve seen that much snot coming out of a human being.) All I can say is that it’s a good thing photography happens at faster than 500th of a second because that’s about all the time we had between nose wipings. Poor little guy did his best to keep a smile and I can’t say that I would have had any better of an attitude with all that was going on.

Congratulation you two (or is that four? Three?) Either way it’s going to be a great time capturing this new chapter.

Here are some of my favorites…


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