2018 Flagstaff High School Prom

It’s always fun getting a call from past clients (also very good friends) to shoot a milestone event like prom photos – but this time started out a little stressful.

I got a text from one friend with vague details about a possible ‘family’ shoot on May 28th. Shortly after I got another text from a different friend about prom photos on May 28th. Meanwhile I had an early morning shoot in Phoenix on the same day and a mid-day cast photo for Alpine Community Theater. My brain went into overdrive trying to figure out how I was going to fit it all in, knowing that they were all pretty much mandatory shoots.

Luckily, after a half-dozen texts with my two friends, we figured it was the same party – just six teens going to prom that happen to be in the same circle of my friends. That didn’t mean the problems were all solved logistically for the day, but it sure made it much easier than it could have been.

With dinner reservations making it a hard stop at 6 p.m. and getting off to a late start due to a hair emergency, we still ended up with some fun prom photos and I think everyone made it to dinner and prom on time. Below are some of my favorites. Click here to see all the 2018 FHS prom photos (password protected).

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