Sophie Applin – Class of 2019 – NPA – Flagstaff Senior photography

I first photographed Sophie while she performed ‘Chicago’ with the new Flagstaff theater company, F.A.M.E. So, when I got the call to do her senior photos, I knew it was going to be a lot of fun. The hardest part was scheduling around the weather and our schedules, but once we got that figured out, it was a real blast.

Probably my favorite moment was when she wanted to do a cartwheel without her hands.

I set up the lights. Got focus and we nailed it with one frame. I looked down at my camera and knew that we weren’t going to get much better than that – all the elements came together for the perfect shot. It’s so great working with athletes!

That was sort of the theme for the whole day. Thank you Sophie for such a great senior shoot! I hope you like the photos.

Click here to see all of Sophie’s senior photos (password required). Below are some of my favorites.

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