2017 Panther Cheer photos

I got a call from April Gabaldon about scheduling cheer photos for her Panther Cheer team, which is part of Alliance Youth Football. And I have to say that I was pretty excited. I used to photograph Flagstaff High School cheerleading photos when April was coach, but I haven’t done that since she left. So it was awesome to get a call for more Flagstaff cheerleading photos.

Granted the girls are just a little big younger but they had just as much spunk and energy as the high school team. As for the location, we lost access to the gym for photos since there was a volleyball game and the mezzanine was too dark and covered with wrestling mats, so we ended up in a quiet hallway with a nice brick backdrop.

I love photographing Flagstaff teams and young athletes. I love capturing their energy and the moment they stop ‘posing’ and just open up to the camera.

Below are some of my favorites. If you are a parent and have the password, you can view all the images by clicking the link below.

See all the 2017 Panther Cheer photos


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