Coconino boys hoops hold off Flagstaff, 51-44

One thing I miss about working for newspapers is the never-ending need to cover high school sports. 

There’s nothing like the onslaught of fast-moving athletes driving and jumping and pushing the ball around – all while you’re scrambling to compose and focus. All from the confines of the dungeons they call high school gyms around here.

I was looking at the 8000 ISO I was pushing while trying to maintain a descent shutter speed and I wondered how we ever made any images at 1600 ISO or even 3200 ISO if we were willing to concede to a grain-fest.

I’m still not happy with the amount of noise in the images at 8000 ISO but anything less and there’s no way to stop the action of these amazing athletes.

I felt like it was such a great game and every player laid down their best effort. 

Below are my favorites. 

See all the FHS vs CHS game action photos

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