Canyon Movement Company’s 2018 Spring Dance Festival performance

Canyon Movement Company's 2018 Spring Dance Festival

I love shooting dance and theater but I really do hate shooting available light performances. The grain just makes my toes curl and my fingers hit the delete key. I do love the dramatics of the light but it’s just so painful to see the image quality do such an injustice to the performers.

So, after months of hard work, the Canyon Movement Company performed their Spring Dance Festival at the Clifford E. White Theater at NAU on May 11-12, 2018. Canyon Movement Company featured the CaZo Dance Company, Human Nature Dance Theater, Flagstaff Arts & Leadership Academy, Maeve Rising, Sarah Haas, and Velocity Dance Company.

I wasn’t there for the Friday performance, but the Saturday performance was amazing! So much energy! Every number was just phenomenal. Wow!

Below are some of my favorites. Click here to see all the images from the 2018 Canyon Movement Company’s Spring Dance Festival performance.

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