Oh, The Thinks You Can Think – 2018 Canyon Dance Academy

Canyon Dance Academy puts so much time and effort into their productions – and it really shows. It shows in how well their really young dancers stay organized and synchronized. It shows in the intensity of their older dancers. And it shows in how strikingly the audience responds to each dance.

From the audience perspective, the lighting is just perfect. It conveys mood and greatly enhances the performance.

From a photographer’s perspective, the lighting is horrible. I have to ride the ISO to the limits of the camera and even if I’m able to stop the action, the color of the light is mixed to the point of absolute corruption where no amount of post production can render good skin tones correctly.

Below are some of my favorites from the performance and here is a link to all the images from Oh, The Thinks You Can Think that I’ve edited down from the 1,000+ that I took. Just know that when I edit images from events like this, my main criteria is not whether it’s a portfolio shot or represents the best I can do. The criteria that keeps it from getting deleted is first, is it in focus and exposed correctly. Can it be composed correctly. But the biggest criteria is, if the performer was my child, would I keep or delete it?’

So many photos would probably end up in the deleted pile where it not for that last criteria. There are so many variables that go into a good photo. Light, action, focus, expressing, composition, timing (timing is huge). And unfortunately, many images that come across my shutter don’t always meet enough of those criteria to make the cut.

But capturing a moment that shows my daughter doing the thing that brings her the most joy. It’s that moment that overrides so many of the normal criteria that lands a photo in my portfolio or represents my work as a professional photographer working to entice people to pay for my services. So if you follow the link to see all the images that were taken from Canyon Dance’s performance of Oh, The Thinks You Can Think, know that the images you see are there as moments for a parent, a grandparent or maybe even you.



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