Film – to still or not to still

I couldn’t pass up the moment to grab a few still photos of Jennifer and her boys Jackson and Garrett.

Coming from a still photography background, it’s really hard for me to NOT run the moments through still frames.

Video is amazing. No two ways about it. There is an emotional and story-telling depth to film that still photography will never capture. I don’t care how visionary of a still photographer you are, the flat, silver halide image can only be one dimensional. Sure, the viewer can read a lot into an image but that message could mean different things to the different people viewing the image. But the audio and three-dimensional message from video more powerful in many different ways.

My current focus is to transition what I do to film but the more I transition and see the strengths of both mediums, I feel like I want my style to be more of an integration than a transition. Transition feels like moving from one to the other – eventually leaving the first one behind. I don’t want that. I want to keep the overpowering strength of still photography and somehow combine that with the storytelling strengths of film.

Stay tuned for more as I try to figure this out for myself and my clients.

Let me know if you have a story that you’d like me to help tell with still and video.

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