Mackenzie and Jackson wedding – Flagstaff wedding

I wasn’t able to do the wedding ceremony photos for Mackenzie and Jackson, but I wouldn’t have missed the reception and portraits for the world.

I first met Mackenzie on the ice while shooting FYHA hockey photos. It was her job to bring me young skaters, remove their helmets while ensuring their safety and get them in the pose position. She was amazing with coaches and players and parents and I dreaded the day when she’d change leagues or move onto other activities. She’s still the bar I measure all my helpers against.

I photographed her senior photos and I also used to work with her mom, Maria at Northern Arizona Healthcare. So, yeah, Mackenzie and I go way back.

She’s now an NAU graduate and moving on to the next big adventure and I couldn’t be more happy for her and Jackson. Congratulations, Mackenzie. I couldn’t be happier for the love you’ve found and more proud of the woman you’ve become. Go get ’em!

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Below are some of my favorites.

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