Matt McMahon and Farren Muscarella reception

I’ve know Matt and Farren (individually) for such a really long time and was so glad to see them together as a couple. The Muscarella’s are our neighbors and Farren and I all work at Flagstaff Medical Center – Matt, I actually met first when he worked for Dharmesh Vora.
So, it really meant a lot to be able to capture some of these special moments when their families and friends came to Flagstaff from all over the country to celebrate their wedding.
Matt McMahon and Farren Muscarella were married on August 24, 2018 at a immediate-family ceremony in Telluride, Colorado, but their wedding celebration was at Farren’s parents’ new Flagstaff restaurant, YourPie.
Congratulation Matt and Farren!
Click here to see all the images from Matt and Farren’s wedding celebration.

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